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The Exorcist – Reboot will be the More Scary and Horror

by Arti Rathore
The Exorcist

The Reboot of one of the famous horror movies will be in theatres in 2023 the original movie will release around 44 years ago and still is considered one of the scariest horror movies of all time. The movie follows a young girl who becomes possessed by a demonic spirit and her mother’s attempt to save her daughter through an exorcism.

After years since its release, there is still speculation if there will be a reboot. The movie has been universally acclaimed for its quality making it a classic horror film with many fans worldwide. A reboot would mean that the new generation can experience the scariness first hand whilst the older generation could watch the two together to relive some old memories about this classic film.

Cast of “The Exorcist”  

  • Ann Dowd 
  • Leslie Odom Jr.
  • Ellen Burstyn
  • Nedim Jahic
  • Rory Gross
  • Nick Benas
  • Amanda Beth 

The Director of this reboot is David Gordon Green and the Writer of this movie will be William Peter Blatty and Scott Teems . Ted Teske will be the Composer

What’s new in the Story ? 

The movie will follow the same story but basically, there is nothing different except a couple of slight changes. “The Exorcist” will follow the story between a 12 year old girl and her mother who are faced to face with a demonic spirit which is possessed by a demon priest. The exorcism ritual is already done in the storyline.

The first thing which will be different from the original story is that the daughter will be a boy. The writers of this movie have already said that the boy type character will not be very manly but still a young one. 

Ann Dowd and Nedim Jahic are also cast as lead roles who will also audition for other roles.

Audience reaction about Reboot 

There are a lot of people waiting to watch the reboot because they want to know what will happen in the end with the mother and child. Another reason why people are excited is because they want to find out how it will be different from the original movie. The last reason why there are a lot of people waiting for this movie is that they want to see if there will be any horror scenes in this movie which can scare them.

The fans who have already seen this movie and many others were so disappointed because the reboot was not done properly. Many fans and critics said that the movie lacks Horror depth. 

Release date of Exorcist Reboot 

The Exorcist” will release on October 2023

In the Conclusion 

The Exorcist” is one of the most famous horror movies ever with its classic storyline, many people are still anticipating this reboot. There will be some subtle changes but it still follows the original storyline from a mother and her child who are faced to face with a demon at their house. The scariest thing about this movie is its gore scenes which makes it extremely scary and give people nightmares for weeks after watching it.

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