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Locke and Key Netflix Series Reviews, Ratings, Cast, and Plot Details!

by Manika Baiswar
Locke and Key

Locke and Key is a Netflix series that was released on Friday, October 14th. It stars the likes of Mark Pellegrino (Lost), Miranda Otto (The Lord of The Rings) and Jack Mulhern (Stranger Things). This show has been highly anticipated for years, so it’s no surprise that Locke and Key came out with a bang! If you’re looking for an in-depth review of this new series or want to know what people are saying about it, then continue reading below!

About the show:

The show is a horror-fantasy series, which takes place in the Locke home. The Locke family has been receiving mysterious keys that have unlocked various powers they didn’t know about and it’s up to them to stop those with ill intentions from using these keys for their own personal gain.

Main Characters:

Alyssa is portrayed by Sarah Bolger who you may recognize as Princess Aurora from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty or Mary Margaret Blanchard on Once Upon A Time. She can use her psychic abilities to communicate with people around the world, but she refuses because she feels guilty over what happened when she was younger and used this ability without knowing its consequences… Learn more about what Alyssa does throughout the series.

Aria is portrayed by Elena Kampouris and she has the power of psychometry; meaning that she can touch something and be able to feel its history. She uses this ability as a way to help her friends with their problems, but when it comes time for her own big problem, will Aria find herself stuck in limbo?

When touching or looking at objects from someone’s past – memories come flooding back to them

Can read a person’s mind just by being near them

Has visions that give him information about people he meets (but also makes him anxious)

Olivia is portrayed by Courtney Bell. Olivia doesn’t have any powers like Alyssa does, but she is a master thief and really smart. One of the things that set her apart from other characters in this series, though, is how Olivia came to live with Tyler Locke – a man who kidnaps children for money.

Locke and Key cast
How does someone come to be kidnapped by their own father?

Eliot’s power comes as quite a surprise considering his young age; he has telekinesis! Eliot is portrayed by Owen Teague and while it might seem like having all these powers could make life easy, actually being gifted just seems to complicate things more than anything else. They don’t get along well with one another or anyone around them- at least until they meet Alyssa…

Theo grows up thinking that he’s just a normal kid, but he quickly learns that he is gifted. He has telepathy and people around him are always feeling his emotions; it’s not easy to be Theo!

The Locke family also includes Nina Locke (played by Samantha Isler). She’s only been in one episode so far, but she was kidnapped from her father when she was young and now lives with the Lockes. It seems like there might be more to this story though as the previews for upcoming episodes show…

What do I think of Netflix’s new series?

The plotline is gripping- if you don’t want to know what happens next then stop reading here! From start to finish, every episode takes on its own tone while still being the same show. I like that it’s not predictable, but there are still some people who have guessed what will happen next because of how tight-knit Locke and Key is to other books in its universe.

In my opinion, Netflix did an amazing job adapting this book series into a TV show! It features many things from the novel (such as keys with different powers) while also adding new ideas too – which keeps you on your toes throughout each episode. The cast was great too; they had lots of character development going for them without sacrificing any important scenes or information about the plotline…

Don’t miss out! Watch Locke and Key now streaming on Netflix.

Ratings of Locke and Key;

The show is rated TV-MA for violence, language, and horror.

It has a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes with 50 reviews counted.

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