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Manifest Season 3: Reviews, Cast and Plot!

by Manika Baiswar
Manifest Season 3

The third season of the hit TV show, Manifest is just around the corner and we want to give you a preview! Join us as we discuss reviews, cast members and plot points from Season 3. Let’s get started!


With a 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating on all three seasons so far, Manifest has been praised by critics for its storytelling and visuals. While it may not be “Netflix’s next Stranger Things,” there are still some similarities in terms of story-telling style between these two shows that make them both worth watching. The first season was described as feeling like an “endless vacation” and one reviewer said they were “hooked after the first episode.”

One critic even called this show Netflix’s “next big hit” because of how well done it is with great characters, writing, acting and directing. There have also been comparisons to Lost because every time you think the mystery is solved another mystery pops up.


Manifest Season One has quite a few recognizable stars that shine in their roles, including Melissa Roxburgh (of the CW’s Valor and Arrow), Josh Dallas (Once Upon A Time), Lenny James (The Walking Dead).


When Montego Air Flight Eight Twenty crashes into Jamaica Bay over New York City on its way to Dulles Airport outside Washington D.C., it is assumed everyone aboard had been killed, but some survived the impact from what can only be described as miraculous forces. After being told they are not alive and were never even born for decades by military personnel who tell them there’s nothing left behind for people like them after death, these survivors find themselves adrift in a world they don’t understand.

Manifest Season One has been incredibly well-reviewed and is the first show in which I’ve seen such an overwhelmingly positive response from both critics and viewers alike.

Reviewers have been overwhelmingly positive about the show in general and its third instalment in particular.

The newest episode was released at the end of last month (April 2019) and is expected by viewers for more high-quality storytelling, character development, etc.

Manifest Season

Wait for Season 3 is finally over:

The wait for season three has been hard on fans but it’s also created a lot of buzz around social media about what to expect from this latest instalment in the series with regard to plot points, cast members, quality reviews thus far. For now, we can only speculate until we get our hands on episodes two through twelve which are scheduled to start airing sometime next week. But based on critical reviews so far both online and offline there will be plenty more intrigue as well as some new twists awaiting us when all is said and done.

Cast for season 3:

It’s unclear as to which cast members will return for this season but I’ll go ahead and mention some names that are expected back like Jameela Jamil who plays the role of Gary Hartman in addition to Tyler Henry (the medium) among others.

Plot for season 3:

There is no plot synopsis so far for Season Three, however, if you want my take on what might happen then keep reading below! In previous seasons we’ve seen several characters come together from different parts of the world in order to deal with an issue of global importance, so I think it’s safe to say that we’ll see a similar premise this time around.


Ratings vary depending on how many people are watching the episode but so far there hasn’t been anything lower than 0.97 which means that it’s doing pretty well!

Content Summary:

Reviews of “Manifest” season three; discussion on what to expect from season three with regard to plot points, cast members, quality of reviews thus far.

The latest episode of “Manifest” was released on April 30th and is expected to be just as good this season as the last one. We’ll have to wait until the end of May for that conclusion but so far it’s been a great start with positive reviews across the board from critics and fans alike.

The newest episode of “Manifest” was released at the end of last month (April 2019) and is expected by viewers for more high-quality storytelling, character development, etc.

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