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The Little Mermaid Remake: Kacey Musgrave Is In Discussions With Disney For Playing Vanessa

The Little Mermaid Remake

After stopping production, Disney’s live-action remake continues as it prepares in the studio to return to its big project, The Little Mermaid, with a major casting. Disney recently had a virtual interview with Grammy Award-winning winner Casey Musgrave. He wanted a role in the next remake in the studio. Mussareves ’role is that of Vanessa, taken by the sea witch Ursula as a human, who makes her way to land to pursue her red intention.

The Little Mermaid Remake

Although there has been no confirmation that he signed up for the show, Casey Musagrev’s character with a visual impairment almost looks like the character from the beloved 1989 version, fans of social media have long proposed this casting idea.

Like the latest Disney live-action, The Little Mermaid is likely to follow the original film very closely and a mermaid named Ariel will come to meet Eric with Ursula, a sea witch, the human prince. He has it. with love. However, unaware of Ursula’s evil intentions, Ariel will run into trouble when her voice replaces a pair of human legs instead of a mermaid story. Continuous production worldwide has been discontinued, but this summer it will start at Pinewood Studios in London.

The Little Mermaid Remake cast

The film entertained Halle Bailey (Last Holiday, Groen-Ish) in the role of Ariel. Other actors in the film include David Diggs (Blindspotting) as Jacob Tremble (Room), Sebastian, Akvafafina (Eight of the Ocean), Seagull Scuttle and Joanna Harr-King (Little Woman) as Prince Eric.

The production of The Little Mermaid has stopped production. We’ve recorded all the songs and written four new songs. Lin-Manuel Miranda is the lead singer of Mermaid. And I’m in disenchantment. At work, Lin-Manuel Miranda the sequel and I have another Broadway show. Oh, and Hercules comes on stage, of course. We did it last summer in Central Park. New projects. A whole gathering. “

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