Why No Security Business Loans are Preferred More Than Secure Loans

Securing a funding option for your business may be daunting, especially considering that not all financing institutions could readily comply with the amount of money that you request to have. Given this, the majority of business prospects opt for alternative solutions to fund their business ideas. Like those found in no security business loans, such options are preferred for their convenient approval rates. 

No Security Business Loans Offer faster processing of Request.

Unlike secured financing and other similar business loan schemes, no security business loans are often resorted to by the majority because of its faster processing of requests. Consequently, they only require a good credit score and no longer have to request any collateral form from the borrower. 

This is advantageous for those who do not want to jeopardize their wealth and would want to have a separate undertaking in their business ventures. Ideally, these types of short-term cash flow loans have shorter terms than a secured loan. So, it is still required of you to return a portion of the money that is borrowed. If you happen to be constantly looking for funding solutions, consider this alternative for faster processing.

No Security Business Loans is Perfect for Start-up Engagements!

With the no limit cap imposed on short term monetary loans, a no security business loan can be effectively utilized by small scale businesses and can be good for short term engagements. Because the processing of approval and application is faster than the traditional secured financing options in banks, you get to enjoy faster delivery of the amount you want to loan without worrying too much about waiting for a particular period of approval. Keep in mind that you should maintain a good credit standing to have a hassle-free experience!

No Security Business Loans May help Build your Credit Profile!

Leaning towards the offered options of a no security business loan can actually effectuate good credit standing on your part. If you are seeking to maintain a positive credit score, availing of an unsecured financing option may give off an impression that you are a reputable person who keeps well with the financial obligations! This will even imply that you may be qualified to secure a house financing or a car loan since you can attest to lenders that you periodically fulfill your loan requirements. 

No Security Business Loans is not dependent on Collateral Value.

As reiterated in the previous sections above, the amount that you can get from an unsecured business loan is not highly dependent on the percentage of the specific asset that you want to put on as collateral. Hence, the propensity to get even higher amounts of loan is achieved through this type of application. Even if this is the case, the unsecured business financing agency’s lender still does review your loan application through the prospect of business start-up, the cash flow, and your personal and business credit history. Before deciding to apply, consider evaluating these aspects to ensure a fast transaction!

Everything You Need to Know about Rolex Sky Dweller

Since 2012, Rolex Sky Dweller watches have become one of the most favored luxury watches in the Swiss family tree. The brand is mainly known for its sporty yet elegant aesthetics that captured thousands of hearts. 

Rolex Sky Dweller timepieces perfectly blend the beauty and sophistication of Day Date and GMT Master luxuries. These make the model more appealing. It features various collections that will surely hook both gentlemen and ladies’ attention. 

Brief History

Since its first launch in 2012, fans have been astounded that the timepiece is not just a specialized aviation piece, as its name implies, but a much more comfortable, day-to-day luxury. The Rolex Sky Dweller was originally available in three styles: yellow gold, Everose gold, and white gold. The Rolex Sky Dweller price depends on its specific model. 

Until today, Rolex Sky Dweller remains Rolex’s top performer because of its internal mechanisms. Two of its key features that widely hooked hundreds of watch enthusiasts’ hearts include the annual calendar and dual time zone function. 

It’s The Newest Model Collections Of Rolex

Rolex is among those known brands that don’t release new models each year. Instead, they continuously improve their existing luxury collections regarding aesthetics, performance, and overall quality. However, when the brand releases a new model, it will surely be your newest favorite. An example of their successfully launched model is the Sky Dweller series. 

The Sky Dweller is presently Rolex’s latest newly designed collection, which has no link to any earlier models. The brand stands on its own and is initially designed for travelers looking for an incredible journey ahead. Some users often refer to the brand as GMT-Master II on steroids because of all its extra features. 

Most Popular Sky Dweller Watches

Rolex Sky Dweller offers a luxurious collection of watches for both men and women. Most of them are available only at reasonable prices, giving you a hundred more reasons to patronize the brand. Here are some of the best Sky Dweller timepieces that you can purchase now. 

  1. Sky-Dweller White 18k White Gold 42mm

This is a unisex watch from the Rolex collection that can stand against any temperature. It comes with a white case of 18 kt, 42 mm in diameter. The date is shown at the 3 o’clock position. The white dial speaks of its sophisticated look, which suits your outfit. This is available for only $48,449. Thus, purchase yours now. 

  1. Sky-Dweller Stainless Steel / White Gold / White

As they say, white makes you more elegant. This Rolex’s watch proves this common perception true with its sophisticated features. This distinct luxury timepiece features a white dial with index hour markers. 

It also comes with a  date section, which is evenly positioned at 3 o’clock. Your eyes will surely be captivated by its perfect combination of stainless steel and white gold, making the watch more durable. 

  1. Sky-Dweller Stainless Steel / Yellow Gold / Black

The Rolex collection is proud to feature this attractive luxury, which is perfect for any casual occasion. It has a black-colored dial with a stick index as its hour indicator. It also features yellow-gold hands located on its dial, making the watch more attractive. Rolex offers an automatic caliber for this luxury and a 72 hours power reserve. Its current selling price is $21,129. 

  1. Sky-Dweller Automatic Blue Dial Oyster

Rolex introduced this model way back in 2012, and since then, people are captivated by its distinct beauty. Nowadays, the timepiece is the most complex of Rolex’s watches. This model comes with a striking blue-colored dial with an 18-carat white gold index. 

Its featured stainless steel on its white gold case makes the watch durable while keeping it elegant. It also features a water-resistance for up to 100 meters and perfect for any formal occasions. You can purchase it now for only $28,999. 

  1. Sky-Dweller Stainless Steel / Yellow Gold / Champagne

If you are tired of a basic wristwatch and want to try a more peculiar fashion, look no further with this Rolex Sky Dweller luxury timepiece. This watch is widely recognized as the most complex of Rolex timepieces. 

This particular model has a majestic sunburst champagne-colored dial with the second time zone function’s unique features. Its whole aesthetics will surely stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

  1. Sky-Dweller Blue 18k White Gold 42mm

This Sky Dweller watch is perfect for those watch enthusiasts looking for simple yet sophisticated luxury for their wrist. It’s also perfect for those who admire nature and its vibrant colors, as it beautifully blends silver and blue colors, giving the timepiece a soft appearance. It can also show an extra time zone, so it’s great for travel enthusiasts. 

  1. Rolex Sky Dweller Champagne Dial 18K Yellow Gold Oyster Bracelet Automatic

This is one of the most distinct watches under the Sky Dweller collection. This displays two time zones at the same time and is ideal for world travelers. Designed with one of the most intricate calibres, this stunning luxury guarantees accurate timekeeping. 

Its featured gold Oyster bracelet completes the watch’s whole aesthetics, making it a perfect glamour and grandeur definition. You can have it now for only $49,499 and make your friends jealous with its timeless beauty. 

  1. Sky-Dweller Everose / Chocolate / Alligator

At first glance, you will surely be stunned by the elegant appearance of this timepiece. This attractive chocolate shade timepiece comes with an alligator brown leather strap, making it look more elegant. It also comes with an analog display with an extra timer function. Showcasing a peculiar brown dial characterised with Roman numerals, this timepiece will undoubtedly set a new fashion standard. 

In Conclusion

Without any doubt, we cannot deny the supremacy of Rolex Sky Dweller watches. Up until now, the model continues to gratify thousands of watch enthusiasts all over the globe. Its timeless beauty and aesthetics will surely complete your entire wardrobe. 

The model offers various collections for both men and women with distinct features. You just have to pick what matches your fashion preferences. However, since they are a versatile timepiece, you can also use them for any sports activities. 

7 Best Men’s Timepieces By Oris In 2021

Oris Watches is one of the best timepieces brands in the market nowadays. Oris’ collection of watches is of the same quality as some of the top luxury brands but sold at the lower price range. There are many popular Swiss watch brands, but there is one particular aspect of Oris watches that shows its certain appeal with timepiece enthusiasts. The strict use of mechanical watch movement in all of its products, as the market is dominated by quartz watch movements; Oris Watches exudes tradition that comes with a special and wondrous kind of charm.

  1.  Aquis Date Blue Dial Watch

Oris watches are known for divers. Specifically, the Aquis Date Blue Dial Watch has a chunky overall style. It is not possible to quickly substitute its integrated bracelet. Due to the polished outer ties, it looks rugged and violent, but somehow elegant. The Aquis Date Blue Dial Watch bracelet is so well designed and so easy to wear. It is solid and well machined. It tapers nicely, and the milled-out clasp is good. There is a proper milled diver’s extension 

  1. Classic Date Watch

The Classic Date watch, classy with a modern twist, is a timepiece that exudes elegance and professionalism. These two considerations make it, in general, a highly recommended executive watch and a dress watch. The Classic hits a definite homerun with what it set out to do, in terms of aesthetics. Case in point, around the edge of the dial, the guilloche pattern. 

Also in low-light conditions, the hands and markers are all painted with a luminous finish for greater legibility. The company’s patented movement-the caliber 733 automatic movement with analog display-is inside the Oris Classic. This timepiece also comes with a date display neatly placed at the 6 o’clock spot, as the name implies.

Also, the Oris Classic comes with a 38-hour power reserve and up to 50 meters of reasonable water resistance, having the capability to prevail over the occasional splash of water.

  1. Force Recon GMT Watch

A highly versatile top-of-the-line timepiece, the Force Recon GMT excels as an outdoor wristwatch. In both its performance and its style, this heavy-duty timepiece packs a wallop. For one thing, it has a huge black titanium case with a diameter of 49 mm. This is a watch made for wider wrists/hands. The use of titanium material gives increased longevity to the wrstwatch while keeping it comparatively lightweight.

Oris ‘in-house designed automatic movement is installed inside the fortress-like case, which supplies this timepiece with an additional 38-hour power reserve. The Force Recon also comes with a date display at the 3 o’clock position in addition to its GMT feature and is one of the best outdoor timepieces Oris has in its metalworks.

  1. Big Crown Pointer Date Watch

A vintage-style timepiece with modern features is the Big Crown Pointer Date. The retro-modern combination makes it, aesthetically-wise, an appealing watch. It can also back up its prestige with outstanding construction that greatly benefits from the attention to detail of the brand’s eagle-eye.

While the antique style, a nice dress watch, and leather straps also make the Big Crown a nice casual wristwatch every day. It has a polished and subdued appeal that enables it to stand out from the rest effortlessly. As the name indicates, with a measurement of 40mm, this timepiece is relatively large. It is a little voluminous, yes, but that size is part of the retro charm of it. An auto-winding movement to go along with its analog display is inside the stylish case.

  1. Chronoris Date Watch

The Chronoris series is one of the trendiest Oris lines of watches. This particular series is a direct tribute to the history of Oris, especially the racing circuit, within the sports industry. The Chronoris exudes a retro race car-inspired aesthetic and is sure to be a hit for timepiece collectors who want something visually special and closer to an earthly charm.

The Chronoris uses automated gestures with an analog monitor of the Oris caliber 733. This watch movement technology also offers an additional 38-hour power reserve for the timepiece. In terms of architecture, the Chronoris excels in fine detail in delivering the theme. You may also note how there are different grooves between the two crowns. It helps to allow users with just a touch to differentiate between the two. Besides, the Chronoris has a resistance to water of up to 100-meters.

  1.  Diver Sixty-Five Watch

Once again, we are back in the diving watch category with the Diver Sixty-Five. In this type of watch, because Oris has developed quite a reputation, you can expect the Diver Sixty-Five to offer satisfying performance and functionality. The Diver Sixty-Five takes a fairly subtle approach in terms of architecture. It comes in two variations: models of the single crown and the triple crown.

When it comes to functionality, the Diver Sixty-Five is, first and foremost, an all-rounded water timepiece. While not at the same level as the Aquis watch series, the Diver Sixty-Five comes with solid 100-meter water resistance. It also features a one-way bezel and luminous markers and hands that use a super-luminous radium coating.

  1. Artelier Alarm Automatic Watch

Oozing with a sophisticated and elegant charm, Artelier exemplifies the brand’s signature style of blending tradition and modern aesthetics. With its fine attention to detail, the watch excels with every fragment that exudes Oris’ first-class craftsmanship. The polished stainless steel case and bracelet, combined with a two-tone gold and silver finish, give the Artelier a high-end look that makes it a splendid choice as a dress watch.

Measuring at 42.5mm, the Arterlier is ideal for men. This timepiece is also powered by Oris’ automatic self-winding motion. The detailed and professional-looking dial is also enclosed in a sturdy sapphire crystal window. Also, it features a stainless steel bezel that can be operated using a top-notch mechanism. 


As one of the most versatile mid-range watches brands on the market today, Oris is also known for its high-quality mechanical movement watches. If you want a timepiece that exudes an air of luxury and can hang on to some of the luxurious brands on the market today with a more sensible price tag, Oris timepieces should always be at the top of your list.

8 Of The Best Oris Watches for Men In 2021

Oris Watches is one of the best brands on the market for mid-range watches today. As some of the best luxury brands, Oris’ line of watches is of the same quality but available at a lower price point. There are several famous Swiss watch brands, but one unique feature of Oris watches demonstrates its certain appeal to partisans of timepieces. This list will guide you to the best Oris Watches made for men. Check them out below! 

  1. Artelier Dexter Gordon Limited Edition Watch

A stylish yet modern minimalist approach to design, the Artelier Dexter Gordon LE is a wonderful watch for a modern man. With only 1,000 pieces produced, you can expect the price of this watch to rise as time passes. Dexter Gordon is a world-famous saxophonist for music lovers, especially jazz enthusiasts. This limited edition Oris watch also has a ‘Long Tall Dexter’ engraved on the back case, the nickname of Dexter Gordon.

The jazz musician’s name is not the only thing this limited edition watch has going for. Inside the fashionable appearance is the automatic Sellita SW 200-1 movement, which comes with a winding date display feature located at the 6 o’clock position. The sunburst dial and the conservative design perfectly represent the genre of jazz music, especially Dexter Gordon. The watch is also designed to provide up to 50 meters of water resistance, sufficient to protect against occasional water splashes and rain.

  1. Audi Sports Watch

Stylish and functional, the Audi Sports is one of the best watches in Oris’ catalog. True to its appellation, the Audis Sports delivers top-notch timekeeping precision. This timepiece features a 25-piece movement with an amazing 28,800VPH clock for implicit accuracy.

This watch is trustworthy with its sturdy titanium construction, a sapphire crystal window with an anti-glare finish, and luminous hands. Also, there is a bi-directional rotating bezel and two sunscreens that track 30 minutes and 12 hours respectively.

  1. Big Crown ProPilot Date Watch

For the aviation watch category, Big Crown ProPilot is one of the best. As the name connotes, this watch comes with a prominent crown. The advantage of such a large crown is that it makes it easier to operate a wristwatch when the need arises. One defining feature of pilot watches is the use of exceptionally larger hour markers, as readability is a key aspect of this type of wristwatch.

In the 41mm stainless-steel case, you get a relatively large dial that straddles the line and can be worn by both men and women. This is a simple, practical watch designed for pilots. As a bonus, the wristwatch is also designed to offer a 100-meter water resistance rating. The ProPilot comes in different versions, too, if you are looking for something with more unique beauty.

  1. Aquis Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition Watch

As the name the Great Barrier Reef, this Aquis model certainly delivers the same awe-inspiring ambiance. This particular Aquis model has been fashioned in cooperation with the Reef Restoration Foundation for proceeds to projects that help raise awareness and support the sustainability and beauty of the ocean.

This diver watch is highly ranked with its 300-meter water resistance. The strikingly polished blue dial also accentuates its aquatic theme perfectly. Inside the wristwatch is Oris’ in-house 743-caliber movement with an analog display. This watch movement technology also packs up to a 38-hour power reserve to a good extent.

  1. BC4 Chronograph Watch

The BC4 is particularly designed for racing enthusiasts. A look at the design of the watch will immediately remind you of the dashboard of the car. Not only is this watch quite fashionable, but it is also highly functional as it gives a trend of timekeeping details within its 43mm diameter dial. Amazingly enough, even with countless pieces of display information, the BC4 easily avoids being a visually crippled mess.

The dial and sub-dial are all given enough breathing space, and that is without counting the markers and other information set out in a brilliantly organized manner. The sub-dials also feature a complex non-cyclic pattern that perfectly symbolizes the unending flow of time. This watch is also relatively larger, with a case of 43mm diameter.

  1. Aquis Date Black Dial Watch

A more conservative and traditional watch is the Aquis Date. This watch is a great companion for both formal gatherings and casual daily use. Although it has a simple design, the creation of the Aquis Date is far from being standard. The lightweight design of this timepiece is surprising, given that it is a bit larger with a 42mm stainless-steel case.

This timepiece is also a valuable purchase if water activities are your business. The Aquis Date presents up to 300 meters of water resistance, making it suitable not just for swimming, but also for snorkeling and scuba diving. It is a traditional Oris watch that manages to blend into some modern twists in its design.

  1. BC3 Sportsman Advanced Watch

The BC3 Sportsman displays the strengths of the brand in a traditional and slightly casual style that conceals a highly complex watch movement technology. The BC3 Sportsman is very versatile as it confidently highlights its masterful approach to the aspect of wristwatches.

The BC3 Sportsman is formulated for casual and formal wear. It is like a chameleon, it blends well with almost every outfit and is fit for every occasion. Like all Oris watches, the BC3 uses the top-of-the-line mechanical movement with an analog display. 

  1. Big Crown ProPilot X Watch

One of Oris’ most visually striking timepieces – the Big Crown ProPilot X is truly a masterpiece. The Big Crown ProPilot X has a 44mm titanium case which provides it excellent durability without adding to its weight. The skeleton dial is always a good touch, especially for the watches that use mechanical movements.

The ProPilot X puts Oris’ craftsmanship in the full showcase, as it did not hold back anything when it came to its aesthetics. It is not just all the noise, though there is a substantive cut in the form of Oris’ proprietary hand-winding mechanical movement. Also, this timepiece has a nice water-resistance of 100 meters.

In A Nutshell

As Oris is known for its high-quality mechanical movement watches, each watch defines masterpiece and elegance, which you can buy at an affordable price. Check out The Watch Company and get your own Oris watch in just a few clicks! 

Get To Know More About GMT-Master II Root Beer

Rolex GMT-Master has been chosen and owned by collectors with different professions and lifestyles, and when you say GMT-Master, what comes first to mind is either the beverage or the superhero. Yes, Pepsi and Batman, indeed. Aside from them, however, there is a schematizing GMT-Master watch existing elegantly in the sky. It is referred to as the GMT-Master II Root Beer, and its current model is reference 126711CHNR launched back in 2018 at Baselworld, which garnered more talks from the aficionado since it is carrying unique features in itself. It made the spotlight shine on it during its launching, but the great fact is that it needs to share that spotlight with the other big members of the Masters family. In this article, interesting facts about the GMT-Master II Root Beer are highlighted for you to love it like how some of its celebrity fans fancy it so much.

GMT-Master II Root Beer’s Brief History

The Rolex GMT Master ii Root Beer watch has a long way to go when talking about its history. The Rolex GMT-Master made its debut in 1954. Having already conquered the seas with the Submariner. And the mountains with the Explorer. In those days, several pilot watches were available, but Pan-Am Airways preferred a watch that could indicate more than a one-time zone. And having a collaboration with the famous watchmaker, Rolex came up with a solution and introduced a fourth hand to the dial. It pointed to a 24-hour scale displayed on a rotating bezel with its distinctive two-tone blue and red colors, visually distinguishing the daytime and nighttime hours.

A bakelite bezel with no crown guards was featured on the first GMT-Master watch reference 6542. Bakelite, however, cracked too easily and rapidly. This led to Rolex transforming the bakelite bezel to aluminum within a couple of years. GMT-Master has been issued to Pan-Am crews for long-distance navigation, and aside from the mentioned airways, many airlines have the GMT-Master as their official watch.

In 1959, Rolex replaced the GMT-Master 6542 with GMT-Master 1675, which was considered as the GMT-Master of the finest vintage. In 1980, because of the GMT-Master 1675’s long-running production, Rolex decided to end it, along with the solid gold GMT-Master 1675/8 and the two-tone GMT-Master 1675/3 that have both debuted in the early 1960s.

The first GMT-Master offered in yellow Rolesor, a combination of steel and yellow gold, was the GMT-Master 1675/3, and it was available in two versions. The first one has a black dial and black bezel. The second version was in the brown dial and brown bezel that later became bicolor, splitting between the color brown and tan or cream, in which the nickname Root Beer originated.

Aside from Root Beer, the GMT-Master 1675/3 has been distinctively referred to as Tiger Eye or Tiger Augen. Because of its brown dial, it is known as the Nipple Dial because of the gold hour markers conical shape.

The GMT-Master Root Beer reference 16753, and the GMT-Master 1675/3’s evolution, is referred to as Clint Eastwood. It was the American actor and director Clinton Eastwood Jr’s favorite watch, and he was wearing it on at least three of his well-known films, including Firefox (1982), Tightrope (1984), and In The Line of Fire (1993).

The Root Beer 2.0

Rolex took a surprising move in 2018, after a considerable length of time since the Root Beer GMT was discontinued when the GMT-Master reference 126711CHNR was made public. It then unofficially became Root Beer 2.0. The watch was incredibly amazing, but some of the Rolex enthusiasts observed several lacking traits from its forerunner. They even argued that the reference 126711CHNR is not a Root Beer, even if it has the same DNA and resemblance as the original. Rolex never claimed anyway that it was the remake.

The new Ref 126711CHNR is bimetallic as in the original Ref 1675/3, but it features 18 ct Everose gold instead of yellow gold. It is not a terrible thing, but it does lessen somewhat that quirky 70s atmosphere the Root Beer originally had. The Oyster case is still shared in the original and the newest versions, with 40 mm diameter, 12.5 mm thickness, monobloc middle case, screw-down case back, and winding crown combined to offer water-resistance of up to 100 meters. The bidirectional bezel of reference 126711CHNR is in rose gold laying perfectly in the ceramic insert, but it was not similar to the original, which was in black and brown bezel instead. The dial, also, is only available in black. Anyhow, it is a great watch, expected to be a classic standard for the future.

GMT-Master II Root Beer Ref 126711CHNR

The 40 mm case of the latest model is in Oystersteel and Everose gold features a brown and black Cerachrom insert in a ceramic bezel with engraved numerals and graduation, waterproof to 100 meters. The Matt black dial with 18 ct Everose gold hour markers and Chromalight display with long-lasting blue luminescence on hour markers and hands are also featured. Its perpetual movement is supported by Calibre 3285 and has a 70-hour power reserve. The Oyster bracelet closes using an Oysterlock.

GMT-Master Root Beer Ref 1675/3

The 40 mm case of the vintage Rolex GMT-Master 1675/3 is in Gold and Steel, and it features the nipple dial with a tritium handset and index. It is in automatic movement, and its bracelet is 185 mm long, made of 18 ct yellow gold.

In A Nutshell

Rolex makes inimitable watches that are marking the life of many collectors. The unique bi-color GMT-Master II wristwatches are a true statement on the wrist. It is perfectly created because it is more sporty and has a casual configuration. It’s very great to have one wherever you are traveling since it is very convenient and functional. Aside from Clint Eastwood Jr., there are many more celebrities who enjoy wearing the GMT-Master Root Beer that can attest its credibilities like Hunter Thompson, Bradley Cooper, Bill Wyman, and Mark Wahlberg.

Rolex GMT Master II: A Fusion of Vintage and Modern Times

Topnotch, reliable, and functional watch – GMT Master II is developed by Rolex’s iconic brand. It was designed and built to aid air pilots while on their journey. Initially created to address aviation challenges in the 1940s and ’50s, this watch is both stylish and functional in its rights. Indeed, GMT Master II is a rebirth that fusions the 50’s and the modern times. Learn more about this model here:  

The Origin of Rolex GMT Master II: A Fusion of Vintage and Modern Times

Rolex GMT-Master II is an heir to the original GMT- Master launched in 1955. It served as a navigation instrument for traveling across the globe. The GMT – Master was a significant innovation in the aviation industry, which answers the need for a watch that could simultaneously read two different time zones.

The watch got its name from Greenwich Mean Time – the point at which solar time is measured at the Royal Observatory located in Greenwich, London. Most importantly, the name stands for the time zone from which other time zones are measured.

Now, its successor Rolex GMT Master II carries the same function and a lot of enhanced specifications. In 1983, Rolex launched this improved version and since then had been a popular item for pilots and aviation personnel. Later, it also captured the interest of some members of the public. Particularly of travelers. During the 90’s replaced the original GMT Master as the flagship watch for Rolex’s aviation series.

Product Specifications:


OYSTER ARCHITECTURE: winding crown, screw-down case back, monobloc middle case, 

MATERIAL: Oystersteel

DIAMETER: 40 mm         

WATER RESISTANCE: Waterproof to 100 meters / 330 feet

CRYSTAL: Cyclops lens over the date and scratch-resistant sapphire

BEZEL: Bidirectional rotatable 24-hour graduated bezel. Two-color red and blue Cerachrom insert in ceramic, molded numerals, and graduations.

WINDING CROWN: Triplock triple waterproofness system, Screw-down


BRACELET MATERIAL: Jubilee five-piece links 

MATERIAL: Oystersteel

CLASP: Features a  Folding Oysterlock safety clasp with Easylink 5 mm comfort extension link 

The Movement

MOVEMENT: Perpetual, mechanical, self-winding, GMT function

CALIBRE: 3285, Manufacture Rolex

PRECISION: -2/+2 sec/day, after casing

WINDING: Bidirectional self-winding via Perpetual rotor

POWER RESERVE: Approximately 70 hours


Centre hour, minute, and seconds hands. 

24-hour display. Second-time zone with independent rapid-setting of the hour hand. Instantaneous date. Stop-seconds for precise time setting


Superlative Chronometer (COSC + Rolex certification after casing)


DIAL: Black

DETAILS: Chromalight display with long-lasting blue luminescence

GMT Master II Functionality, Reliability, and Style 

It features a traditional hour hand, minute and second hands, a bidirectional rotatable bezel with a 24-hour graduated Cerachrom insert, and a triangle-tipped 24-hour hand. The emblematic dual-colored bezel is also a head-turner. Moreover, the bidirectional rotatable bezel is fitted with a Cerachrom insert built from tough ceramic. Each of these bezels takes a lot of hard work to form. It requires 40 hours to create, and engraving is only possible after dipping it in a thin yellow gold or platinum layer. This Cerachrom insert is divided into two halves: one for daytime hours and the other for nighttime. The color of red and blue, which is the GMT Master’s original colors for the Cerachrom insert, was a product of a technique exclusive to Rolex.   

Again, the brand showcased their superiority as a brand by these innovations. 

This watch’s ultimate functionality lies in its display, which can either tell professionals and travelers alike the local time, reference time, local time, and alternative time zone. 

The GMT – Master II features caliber 3285, a movement that allows users to easily adjust their local time via the winding crown without affecting or stopping the 24- hour hand. This function will enable travelers to simultaneously read their local time and the time “back home.” This watch power reserve is approximately 70 hours, proving that it would not fail the users when talking about reliability. Moreover, the traditional hour hand (local time) is linked to the date change.

GMT Master II is exceptionally resistant to corrosion. 

This is for the reason that Rolex used Oyster Steel for all its watch cases. Moreover, the company developed Oyster Steel by itself-. Oystersteel belongs to the 904L steel family. These are alloys mainly used in aerospace and chemical industries. The brand takes pride in its technology of producing the top of the line and extremely corrosion-resistant watches. 

Another modification from the original GMT – Master is the Oysterlock used for the Jubilee bracelet. Rolex created the five-piece Jubilee bracelet for the Oyster Perpetual Datejust model debut in 1945. The Jubilee bracelet in GMT- Master II is equipped with a Rolex-designed and -patented Oysterlock folding safety clasp, preventing accidental opening. The modified bracelet also features the Easy comfort extension link. This link allows the length extension to increase by 5 mm. Rolex also developed a concealed attachment system that provides seamless visual continuity between the case and the bracelet.

This company presented a new level of style and luxury after GMT Master II was made available in Everose Gold. While the ‘Batman’ colorway featuring black and blue bezel was introduced as additions to the GMT- Master II family. The iconic brand also released a white gold option that features a red and blue Cerachrom bezel insert- this comes with a Meteorite dial and a superior display. These features added more attention for this watch. 

The green seal in any Rolex watch is proof of authenticity and superior quality. It symbolizes the status of a Superlative Chronometer. This seal confirms that a watch has successfully undergone a series of final controls by Rolex in their laboratories. Moreover, the seal is an addition to the official COSC certification of the watch’s movement. 

In A Nutshell 

Unquestionably, as an established brand, the company had successfully leveraged each new version of their watch series. The GMT Master watch as an aviation instrument remained to be as reliable as before through the years. The modifications made it more functional and stylish at the same time. Moreover, the purpose of creating GMT Master watch and the modern improvements makes the fusion of vintage and modern time possible. 

Luxury Watches: 7 Best Designed Watches From Panerai

Stylish watch designs, premium features, Italian history—there are so many things you’d love about the Panerai luxury watches. Panerai was originated during the 1860s and is famous as an “art in motion” by watch enthusiasts globally.

This luxury watch is indeed an “art in motion” because of its stylish and chic design that attracts luxury watch lovers worldwide. Currently, Panerai offers four collections: Submersible, Luminor, Luminor Due, and Radiomir, with each having different characteristics to its design. 

Each collection of Panerai has its beauty and charm. For instance, the Submersible collection has a distinctive bezel design that makes it different from the rest. This reason can make it difficult for the buyers to choose which kind of watch to purchase, as all Panerai watches are stylish and luxurious.

Today, we will list our top seven designs of the Panerai Watch since its inception. 

1. Luminor Sealand 

Panerai Watch introduced the first Luminor Sealand in 2009, which features the Ancient Chinese Zodiac tradition. This model belongs to the special edition collection as Italian Master Engravers skillfully crafted the watch with the “Sparsello” ancient technique. 

Since its release, Panerai has been developing Luminor Sealand watches annually with a design that corresponds to the year’s current Chinese Zodiac. For example, Panerai decided to use the Year of the Pig design to celebrate the year 2019. That is the eleventh model of Luminor Sealand since its launch in 2009.

The Luminor Sealand features a Gray-colored Dial with Arabic numerals, a Calf Gold leather strap, and linear hour markers. It also has an automatic P.9310 caliber movement, and it is waterproof, perfect for those luxury watch buyers who wet their watches frequently. 

2. Submersible Azzurro 

Did you know? Panerai’s beginnings are related to the sea because of their connection to the Italian Royal Navy. 

They were one of Panerai’s significant clients, and through their watches, they served the Italian divers during World War I and World War II. Therefore, it’s safe to say that their connection with the Italian Royal Navy is essential in creating the brand’s identity.

The Submersible Azzuro is a part of the Submersible collection of Panerai watches. It features 23 jewels, a Black dial with luminous hour markers, a Caoutchouc Black watch strap, and has a Navy Blue bezel.

Additionally, this watch is water-resistant, fitting for a brand with a deep connection with the Italian Royal Navy. It has a Caliber P.900 movement and comes with a power reserve that can last up to three days.

3. Submersible Goldtech 

Submersible Goldtech is another Panerai model that comes from the Submersible watch collection. It is made with a mix of Platinum and Copper materials to create that sophistication and elegant look. 

The intense red hue from the watch comes from a percentage of Copper. Not only the appearance, but Panerai has made an effort to prevent the materials from oxidizing by incorporating Platinum. Combining those two materials together results in a long-lasting and timeless look of the watch.

As for its origin, Panerai took inspiration from military history. They crafted the watch to make it as durable as military diving equipment and continue releasing rugged kinds of watches in the market.

The Submersible Goldtech consists of 23 jewels, a Black dial with luminous hour markers, and a Caoutchouc Black Strap. It also has a Caliber P.900 movement, 3-day power reserve, and is resistant to water.

4. Luminor Marina Goldtech Sole Blu 

The Luminor Marina Goldtech Sole Blu is a recent part of the Luminor collection which Panerai produced in 2020. Its appearance features a rose gold material and a blue dial with luminous hour markers that create a sophisticated look for those wearing the watch.

Another cool feature of the watch is that it is water-resistant. It has a level of 50 meters which means that you can wear the watch while swimming in shallow depths. Panerai completed the watch’s design by adding a Dark Blue strap made from the Alligator skins. 

5. Luminor Marina Specchio Blu 

If you want to dress up and look luxurious, the Luminor Marina Specchio Blue might be the perfect fit for your outfit.

The watch features a stitching steel strap with a blue-colored dial. You can also see the time even in dark places because of its luminous hour markers feature. 

Like the previous Lumina model that we have mentioned in this article, this watch is also water-resistant. However, it only has a level of 30 meters which can still withstand water splashes. It wouldn’t be a problem if you accidentally wet the watch as long as you haven’t thrown it into the pool.

6. Luminor Due (Red)

Luminor Due is another collection of the Panerai brand. It consists of similar watches with different colors, and one model that stood out the most is the Red Luminor Due. 

Unlike other watches that we’ve mentioned so far in this article, this model features a Red color Alligator strap. It has a white dial with luminous Arabic numerals, and a rose gold material that screams elegance all over the design. This watch is indeed one of the best-designed watches from Panerai.

7. Radiomir GMT Power Reserve

Radiomir GMT Power Reserve has a polished steel bezel and a dark blue dial with luminous hour markers to see the time during the evening. The dark blue and silver color combination gives off a luxurious look that is excellent for men.

This model has a dark blue color strap that complements the overall appearance of the watch. It also has a water-resistance of 100 meters which means that you can wear the watch while snorkeling. Excellent design and water-resistant, isn’t that cool?

In A Nutshell 

Today, we have revealed our top seven best-designed Panerai watches. The list varies from the four collections to the special edition watches that have a meaningful history. If you plan to buy a Panerai watch soon, we hope that this guide is useful when deciding which model you want to purchase for yourself. You can also check out The Watch Company and cop your own timepieces! 

Convert PDF to PDF/A Online Using 4 Simple Steps

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Is Marie Osmond Leaving The Talk Only After Season 1, Know The Full Details Here

Actor Karl Urban will face the monster in Billy Butcher’s The Boys Season 2 and reveals the hard truth of who he really is. Based on Garth Ennis ’comic books, The Boys follows a dismantling super-superhero group led by Billy Butcher Urban, where superheroes own and demonetize a corporation called VAT International in the world. Season 1 premiered in July 2019 and was applauded by both critics and fans; The boys ’2nd season is scheduled for release in September and October, with the first three episodes available.

The reviews for The Boys Season 2 have been very positive so far. At the end of last season, Billy Butcher realizes that his wife Becca is alive, and secretly that Homelander’s baby is growing up. In Season 1 they pushed Butcher to take revenge, as Homelander believed he had raped and killed Becca, so revealing that Becca was alive would lead to significant changes in the character of the butcher. Urban also made it clear that in Season 2 he would release the monster inside the butcher shop, while ironically humanizing it.

Why Marie Osmond is quitting 'The Talk' after one season

Image Source: New York Post

Urban determines where Urban will mentally go in the second season. Viewers will probably learn more about Butcher’s childhood and history. In addition, listener Eric Kripke confirmed that with the 2nd childhood a short film centred around Butcher would be released, telling his story while distinguishing himself from the rest of the boys. The nature of Becca’s disappearance and Becca’s fate in the comics will also highlight her turn, and as she tries to get her wife back, Butcher encounters the domestic and the devil inside the butcher shop.

Also, although it is unclear whether Wyca kidnapped Becca and the butcher had to leave, Becca in The Boys Season 2 was a multi-dimensional film that was more ethical than its comic book counterpart. There’s an opportunity for the boys to re-engage in a complex character that was similar to the way they portrayed Starlight’s attack better than comics. Although the butcher’s bow will be even darker in Season 2, his mind needs to take a closer look and pressure to make the audience more capable and more humane. However, The Boys has proven to be unpredictable, and in the new season, a lot of curves can be thrown at meat and spectators.

Cody Simpson: Every Star He Dated Before Miley Cyrus

Machine Gun Kelly has been associated with a bunch of stars for years. He’s still been the majority of the audience with former Amber Rose, but recently, on Switchgrass, and Megan Fox, rumours of a relationship went to Costan. But he had the direct involvement of romantic partners, although he was certainly out of focus. Then read about MGK’s dating history!

1. Emma Cannon



Very few people know about Machine Gun Kelly’s relationship with Emma because she didn’t have any social media accounts. However, MGK shares some favourite red carpet moments with daughter Cassie (pictured above).

2. Amber Rose


Amber and machine gunner Kelly started in April 2015 before leaving two months later. Although MGK told Hot 97 that the relationship was “completely natural,” the alleged program led to its split.

3. Halsey


He linked the rapper to Halsey in March 2017, when they saw him on the beach. Photos of their tropical outings resumed in July 2018, with Halsey ordered to dispel dating rumours. Two months after their relationship debuted, MGK confirmed in an interview with The Breakfast Club that they were not dating, but that they were intimate before.

4. Chantel Jefferies


Machine Gun Kelly and Chantel got the rumour they got in July 2019. They were seen walking around Los Angeles all month and going to the fourth party in July together. But the supposed account, which he never spoke of, seemed short-lived.

5. Noah Cyrus

Noah and Machine Gun Kelly sparked love rumours in late January when they saw him behind the Grammys. However, the couple never confirmed the relationship.

6. Sommer Ray

Summer and Machine Gun Kelly started occasionally around March when the rapper posted two new photos. However, MGK confirmed the next split next month. “He put all his stuff together on my birthday,” he tweeted. “Good.”

7. Megan Fox


Megan and the machine gun Kelly fans laughed when they got together on May 15th. A few days after the public outing, Brian Austin Green confirmed that he and Megan had split up in December after nearly 10 years of marriage. Megan and MGK escalated dating rumours on May 20, when the rapper left the music video for Transformers actor “Bloody Valentine.” In the original June, they both reaffirmed their love affair when they saw him sharing an outside kiss in LA.