Dollface Season 2: Major Updates On Air Date, Story, Casting And More

Dollface won over fans with her comedy and first aired it in 2019. Now that the show has been verified to be a by-product, here is everything fans will want to know more about the cast, the release date, the trailer and plot of the second season of Dollface. When does Dollface Season 2 launch […]

Mental Samurai Season 2: When Will The New Episodes Release After Its Delay Due To Coronavirus?

Mental Samurai ‘is a game that tests mental abilities, intelligence, agility and knowledge. Due to the good response received for its new delivery, the series was renewed for a second outing. Read on to find out when the second season of Sam Mantle Samurai will be released on the TV screen. Mental Samurai Season 2 […]

Breaking Bad: They Never Wanted Aaron Paul To Play Jesse Pinkman

In 2008, a small television series made its way onto the air. In its daring pilot episode, a cheerful chemistry teacher facing a life-changing cancer diagnosis begins preparing math to raise money for his family. Ratings started to drop, but when the first three seasons were added to Netflix, the show became a worldwide hit. […]

The Terror: What We Know So Far About Season 3 Of History Series?

Horror is such a brilliant metaphor that it speaks of being human and feels irregular emotions, it is surprising. Therefore, placing it in such a high and special historical moment that it has great risks, such as the internment camp or the Northwest Passage, is really interesting. I am curious to know how we can […]

Gentefied: Check What Netflix Has Planned For Season 2

Netflix has renewed half of Season 2 drama, which will feature two episodes less than the release of Freshman. In addition, the actors and crew have been re-established for a virtual table reading on May 20th. Organized by comedian George Lopez, Table Reid will be a non-profit work in Boyle Heights that aims to raise […]

NOS4A2: Author Joe Hill Talked About Potential Spinoff Stories

Writer Joe Hill has made a name for himself by writing novels and comics that tell stories of the strange and the supernatural. And recently, some of those stories have been adapted for television. In addition to Netflix’s Locke and Key series, Hill’s NOS4A2 novel is the foundation for the AMC series of the same […]

Superman And Lois Teases Clark Kent’s Return To Smallville

The CW has launched a new promo with images of its superheroes, including the new Tyler Hoechlin, Superman and Lois series. The series begins with Stephen Amell Green Arrow, who started the CW DC Universe, and moves on to The Flash, Supergirl, Stargirl, and more, and ends with a taunt for Superman and Lois. The […]

Little America: When Will Season 2 Release On Apple TV+?

It’s not hard to be pessimistic about politics in America right now, but Lee Eisenberg, Kumail Nanjiani, and Emily Gordon’s new Little America series highlight that the country is at its best: the land of immigrants. With eight independent episodes based on Epic magazine’s True Story series, this is a poignant look at life recently […]

Broke: Can We Expect A Season 2 Of CBS Series?

Tonight marks the conclusion of the Broke series and based on last-minute surprises from other networks, we wouldn’t expect Season 2 anywhere else. This is part of the reality of being on TV in 2020: shows are often cancelled and some of them don’t really have a chance to find an audience for the first […]

Kamp Koral: The SpongeBob Spinoff Is Coming Up On CBS All Access In 2021

Spongebob goes to CBS All Access next year. The pre-announced success of the successful Nickelodeon series will go to streaming service with its Kamp Coral 2021 premiere. It’s part of CBS’s broader strategy, which will see the service renewed next year. Therefore, the company has also added another series of online performances. Kamp Koral Sponge […]