Christian Anstead: Is She Returning For Dead To Me Season 3?

If you’re angry about the 2nd season of Dead to Me, you’re in good luck. Fans returned to the actresses Christina Anstead and Linda Cardellini and two months after the characters Jane and Judy broke the news that Season 3 was on its way. The last time we saw each other, they both took a […]

Biohackers: Netflix Shared Official Trailer For The Brand New German Series

Aside from the identities of Schrüner, Christian Deter, and top cast members, there’s not much background information available on the series yet (not even on IMDb). Dieter, of German origin, is known in the United States for directing the 2016 romantic comedy How to Be Single and working on the 2017 Netflix comedy Girlboss, based […]

The Haunting Of The Bly Manor: First Photos Unveiled

The Haunting Of Hill House spell is back, well, something like that. The new season of The Hunting Anthology series, The Howling of Bly Manor, introduces a new setting and creepy characters as, spoiler alert, Season 1 completely ends the Crane family story. However, producer Mike Nanagan is offering up some tracts (well, gimmicks for […]

Norsemen: Will The Nordic Comedy Series Return For Season 4?

Third season of the Nordic comedy Normans, which dates from 790 BC. C. Follow the Vikings’ busy schedule, with six Monty Python-style buffalo landing episodes on Netflix for international fans this week. The comedy, called Vikingen in Norway, is full of gore and drama like Game of Thrones, spanning between hilarious slap scenes, written by […]

Teenage Bounty Hunters: Sequel Speculations And Expected Release

Produced by Kathleen Jordan and produced by Genji Cohan (Orange Is the New Black and Glow), Teenage Bounty Hunters is a 10-episode action-comedy about teenage twins Blair (Anjelica Bette Jellini) and Sterling Wesley (Maddy Phillips). Stumble. When he inadvertently helps pro bounty hunter Bonser Jenkins (Kadem Hardison) capture “Skipp” (a bounty that escapes bail), Sterling […]

Love On The Spectrum: What Netflix Has Planned For Season 2 Of The Series?

Spectrum The streaming giant has now acquired global streaming rights in Northern Pictures on the Spectrum, an ABC-commissioned documentary that follows people who are on the autism spectrum and show their dating experiences. On July 22, the first ABC Australia show in November 2019 is about love and the fact that there is no discrimination. […]

Netflix’s Dragon Dogma: Know More About Latest Animated Title

The most advanced video game to join the list of adaptations is Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma. Netflix is ​​bringing an anime series based on video games to its platform. The original anime series Net will soon make its debut on the broadcasting giant’s stage. Dragon’s Dogma: When will the Annie series debut on the broadcast stage […]

Love Alarm Season 2: Here Are 5 Things A Fan Must Know

These days, Netflix is ​​beating many exciting and thrilling series in Korea with a ton of internet bumps. It is on this basis that the public likes Korean feelings and emotions, as they are mainly based on the novel and love in general. Also, one of the South Korean web thrillers Love’s Alarm falls into […]

Enola Holmes: 3 Things We Know From The Trailer

Netflix has released the trailer for one of its most anticipated movies: Enola Holmes! Strange Things come, XI, Millie Bobby Brown plays Info Holmes, the younger brother of the famous British detective Sherlock Holmes. He is portrayed by Henry Cavill from The Witch, adding another name to the list of participating Absolute Snack actors! (Where […]

The Brazilian Job: Will We Get A Sequel Of 2003 Heist Movie?

The Italian work was a surprisingly solid remake of the cult classic Michael Cane 1969, but will the planned sequel ever be a Brazilian work? Sadly, the film turned out not to be a fun time for Norton, who accused the studio of forcing its participation to enforce an old contractual obligation and declined to […]