Batman Three Jokers: Here’s What You Should Know About The Comic

Okay first: Geoff Johns blew us away with DoomSky Clock, an incredible sequel to Alan Moore’s amazing graphic novel Watchmen. Now, he is delivering a successor to another Alan Moore classic, The Killing Joke, with its 3 JOKERS and WE CANNOT WAIT! Stories. This book has been talked about for years, and it has finally […]

Tenet: Should You Watch The Film? Complete Review!

Science-rooted leaders and countries with national health policies (i.e., most places not in the United States) were rewarded with critical films for watching Tenet about Christopher Nolan’s latest science awareness. Nolan’s new film is always a phenomenon, but it will be the first studio premiere to hit cinemas since the coronavirus epidemic began, it has […]

The Boys Season 3: Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Signing Is In Danger

The rumored role of Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the third season of The Boys will only occur when the coronavirus crisis has improved, according to Shorner Eric Kripke. The actor, better known as Negan on The Walking Dead, is a huge fan of Amazon’s satirical drama set in a world dominated by a corrupt corporate-owned […]

Chadwick Boseman Was Worried About Black Panther 2

T’Chaka actor John Kanie talked about Chadwick Boseman’s commitment to making Black Panther great when he didn’t get a chance to make a similar movie. John Kahn recalled Chadwick Bosman, a lover of Black Panther, saying that it could happen because he might not get a second chance to make a similar movie. Civil War, […]

Black Panther: These Characters Can Become The Next King!

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the return of their favorite villains and heroes from Wakanda since the announcement of the “Black Panther” sequel last year. The people behind the film gave little information on which characters would confirm the return of “Black Panther 2.” Playden, a Marvel comic shot in Atlanta, broke the record when […]

The Matrix: Cinematographer Bill Pope Explained About The Problem With The Sequels

The upcoming Zack Snyder Justice League will present DC Comics’ main villain, Lord Darcid, the new god and fearsome ruler of the cursed planet of the Apocalypse, to the general public. Ray Porter plays Darkseid in Snyder. As recently announced on Twitter, Porter is doing well with future DCEU films that play a role with […]

Avengers Endgame: Can We Expect A Director’s Cut Of The MCU Movie?

Avengers: Endgame co-director Joe Russo reacted to the news of the release of Justice League Snyder’s Cut. He also discussed his experience working with Marvel Studios. DC Extended Universe fans have been blessed with the news that Justice League Jack Snyder has been released on the HBO online streaming platform. As Justice League fans and […]

Mission Impossible 7: Star Rebecca Ferguson Shared Her Training Picture For The Upcoming Film

The wheels of the global entertainment industry are slowly returning to momentum, and actors are re-posting on social media that they are working on upcoming projects. Rebecca Ferguson is part of Ilsa Fust, who has played the lead role in the Mission Impossible franchise since her first appearance in Rose Nation. The issue of Faust’s […]

The Many Saints of Newark: What We Know So Far About The Sopranos Spin-Off Film

A new entry for the Sopranos canon is simultaneously exhilarating and a troubling prospect. A cinematic follow-up to Dear Breaking Bad is a bold move, but with Newark, we’ll add fresh brushstrokes to a masterpiece. This made the DVD boxset a commercial success. He won 21 Emmys in primetime and five Golden Globes. He is […]

Detective Pikachu 2: Which Pokémon Can Appear In The Sequel Film?

Legendary’s Pokemon Detective is a live-action game about Pikachu Pocket Monsters, but here’s what detective Pikachu can expect from fans. The Pocket Monster franchise first launched in the 90s, making the world a storm with video games, commercial card games and animated television shows. Popular TV shows include characters like Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu, […]