The Crown Star Olivia Colman Cursed Before Meeting The Queen

Olivia Colman starred in the hit TV series “The Crown” Queen. In 2014, before she met the queen, she briefly forgot about her habits. Olivia Colman (46, “The Night Manager”) has joined the line of Queen Elizabeth II (94) in the third season of the Netflix TV series “The Crown.” The Oscar-winner met the British […]

Never Have I Ever: Check The Casting And Story Details For Season 2?

Netflix has never had a season 2 of me: big news for all fans of “Never Have I Ever” released yesterday, and yes! You’re rightly thinking that fans are getting Season 2, and the excitement is really beyond heaven! In the end, we decide whether we will be “Team Paxton” or “Team Ben”, but whatever […]

Attack On Titan Star Haruma Miura Passed Away At The Age Of 30

Her supervisor found Miura to see the star who had come to her house to see that she had no job. The news said he was rushed to the hospital, but was told he was dead. Miura debuted at the age of seven with the Japanese film, which appeared in the 1997 film Agri. He […]

Obi-Wan Show: Natalie Portman Can Return! Here’s What We Know

The show may have had several failures, including a complete creative overhaul, but nothing has been done about the Disney Plus project in Obi-Wan Kenby series, which is probably the most promising star. is there. Of course, high hopes lead to high expectations, and with fans waiting for Evan McGregor to revisit his role from […]

‘The King: Eternal Monarch Season 2’ This Is What We Know

With the recent ending of the first season of The King Eternal Monarch. Fans were wondering if things will soon go away. Because we can all say that at the end of the season finale there weren’t that many answers to the fans’ questions. But instead, he added more questions as this episode indicated a […]

Utopia: Amazon Shared First Look Of The Upcoming Drama Series

Recently, Amazon revealed that they would be creating a Utopia panel for the Comic-Con @ Home line. Now, Amazon is offering images for the next series. According to Slashfilm, Flynn revealed that Utopia would incorporate concepts from the original, focusing on government intrigues. Utopia Ian (Dan Bird), Wilson Wilson (Desmin Borges), Samantha (Jessica Rothe) and […]

Pieces Of Her: Check Latest Updates On Netflix Upcoming Thriller Drama Series

Karin Slaughter’s 2018 thriller Pieces of Her is the latest best-selling novel to receive Netflix treatment, with a later adaptation in 2020. A new series that is adapting from a critically acclaimed novel is enough to shake it up a bit but adds to the fact that hereditary star Tony Collett will be starring in […]

Will We Get A Sequel Of Ocean’s 8? FHere’s What You Should Know About It

On June 6, Ocean’s 8, the Ocean Trilogy for Women (and all bad * ss) continues, hits theatres, and the Bullock-directed film has a huge impact. A movie starring former Miss Congeniality, Mindy Kaling, Rihanna, and more A-list talents is destined to make money, although the movie has yet to be released, there is an […]

El Camino Star Johnny Ortiz Facing Charges Of Attempted Murder

Ortiz returned in late May to a 24-year-old man and 18-year-old Armando Miguel Navarro accused in court this morning of crimes in the city of Los Angeles. The court held a preliminary hearing on Sept. 22 in a brief trial at the Foltz Criminal Justice Center, both of which were arrested in the LA County […]

This Is Us: Will The Drama Series Return For Season 5 On NBC? Details Inside

When This Issues attended its fourth season finale in March 2020, fans were surprised that the hit drama would return with new episodes. The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) stopped occurring for many projects. Therefore, the future of television remained largely uncertain. But now, NBC has officially unveiled its schedule for next fall, including This Is US […]