The Suicide Squad 2 Finishes It Filming And The Director Shares A Cool Photo With The Cast

Suicide Squad was an excellent and the best movie in its genre, and it has been a serious achievement both as far as business and cinematic perspectives. It was chosen directly after the first part that the second part will be coming, however, since the shooting is formally wrapped. We can expect a lot of […]

Tom Raider 2: Possibilities Explained For The Sequel And Official Updates

Good news for all the fans of Tom Raider as Tomb Raider 2 is finally happening with some interesting people related to it. Ben Whitley, liable for club British movies like Kill List and High-Rise, takes over from Roar Uthagu as the authority. Amy Jump will take a shot at the content for the second […]

Zendaya: Everything To Know About Her New Relationship Rumor, And Who Is She Dating?

However, If not a lot to uncover, but rather Jacob Elordi and Zendaya appear to be in a relationship, Both Euphoria stars are being seen out and out lately and places. The relationship of Euphoria stars as of late made a beeline for Greece, and in the previous month, they were at Elordi’s Home to […]

Tarzan Live Action Remake: Everything Fans Should Know About The Upcoming Project

Disney has been buckling down on their progressing Live-Action projects throughout the years. These Live-Action films have been demonstrated successes, and the studio has a couple of all the more surprisingly realistic actions in the pipeline. Some new names are getting included also. Disney Is Developing A Tarzan Live-Action Movie! Obviously, Disney studio is making […]

A Riverdale And Sabrina Crossover Can Come After Cancellation Of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

As per the latest info, we are happy to inform the fans that there might be a crossover along the way between Riverdale and Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina. It is something for which fans have been waiting for long, and finally, the good news came. The showrunner of Riverdale and Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, Roberto […]

Outlander: Season 6? 5 Early Spoilers A Fan Must Know

There are countless movies and TV series which are based on novels, but there is a concept of artistic Liberty that involves molding things in such a way that it is compatible with the cinematic version. This is something Outlander did in its fifth season when it used its artistic liberties to make the series […]

Ju-On Origins: The Complete Story Timeline Of The Show Explained

Ju-on and Grudge are indeed one of the most horrifying movies you will ever see, and the substantial part of the movie e is in following the timeline. The movie is so brilliantly designed that it is of paramount importance to follow the timeline as the story is linked, and if you miss on these […]

American Gods Season 3: Here’s What We Know So Far

The fantasy drama series is all set to get the third season. The first season was good, but the second season wasn’t received well by the audience. They were certain apprehensions regarding the storyline, and fans were expecting more. Few of them also felt that the screenplay would have been a bit different, but this […]