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Everything you need to know about: Glass Onion’s Derol Actor Addresses Potential Knives Out 3 Return

by Arti Rathore
Knives Out 3

Noah Segan, who occurred as Derol in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, is discoursing his potential comeback in the next installment. A frequent collaborator of writer and director Rian Johnson’s, fans of the franchise place his role as Trooper Wagner, the police officer and admirer of Harlan Thrombey, in 2019’s Knives Out. In the series, he portrays Derol, who Miles Bron (Edward Norton) allows to visit on his property in Greece, but is not a part of the friend group or planned killing mystery game. Much like his character in the first movie, Segan quickly became a choice among audiences, casually interrupting scenes with laughable marks, leading fans to wonder if the actor will reappear in Knives Out 3.

While Derrol’s role in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery did not hold much of an on its story, the character fed humor every time he was on-screen, particularly when Helen (Janelle Monáe) bumbled across his room in search of Andi’s envelope. In speaking with, Film, Segan discussed the possibility of coming back in the next sequel, sharing that he expects to be involved in some capacity. The actor mentioned that he does not have anticipations and that it can be hard to predict what Johnson will come up with. Read Segan’s comments regarding emerging in Knives Out 3.

Everything We Know About Knives Out 3

Not much is known about the third Knives Out installment, other than that Daniel Craig will repeat his position as master detective Benoit Blanc, likely tasked with cracking another case, and that it will be allocated by Netflix. If Knives Out 3 is Johnson’s next film, audiences can look onward to more information as it comes out. Fans have already started making predictions surrounding the film’s potential cast and location, and many are expecting to see Hugh  John Mungo Grant return as Blanc’s partner, Phillip, and share more net time with Craig.

Who will be returning in the Knives Out 3 cast?

Unless Johnson goes rogue and brings back characters from the first two films, expect the third movie to deliver another colorful and star-studded list of suspects and probable murder victims.

Daniel Craig will, of course, be back as Benoit Blanc and we had hoped to get better than a cameo from Hugh John Mungo Grant as Blanc’s-partner-Phillip, who we shortly see during a flashback scene at Laurent Robert Blanc’s apartment.

Noah Segan is likely to occur in the third film too, but not as a character he played previously. Segan played Trooper Wagner in Knives Out and slacker Noah Segan as Derol in Glass Onion and has appeared in all of Johnson’s films to date.

When might Knives Out 3 come out? Will there be a sequel to Glass Onion?

Knives Out 3 will be available on Netflix, as was already reported, although a precise release date is still pending.

The series’s brief theatrical run started in November 2022 after the first film’s limited release in November 2019. A glum prediction is that the third movie will not be released until November 2025.

The fact that Netflix is already on board, though, may help to speed up the process a little. But since November 2023 seems improbable, November 2024 appears to be the earliest possible release date.

Johnson confirmed to Deadline that Knives Out 3 would be his would ming movie in an interview before the release of Glass Onion, though he technically does something else first as a portion of the Netflix deal.

What will the story of Knives Out 3 be about?

As with the cast, we do not know exactly what case It follows a master detective, Benoit Blanc will be breaking in Knives Out 3, but we can ensure it’ll be one filled with twisting and one that subverts what you expect about murder mysteries.

Johnson is maintaining his ideas under wraps directly, but we do know that behind the trip to Greece in Glass Onion, he will be returning to the US for the third film.

I like it to be in America, he related to Insider. There are a lot of tempting items about going to Paris or the Alps but I feel there must be American films.

Even with Glass Onion, it’s set overseas but it’s a group of Americans who are entrapped on an island together, so getting it back to somewhere slightly closer to home I think would be a good item for the next one.

Are there any videos of Knives Out 3 yet?

Not filming on Knives Out 3 has yet to begin, however, so we will be waiting a while. The first Glass Onion tease was released in September 2022, two months before its theater release.

If we are right about the November 2025 release, we had been waiting a long time, but hopefully, the movie comes out shorter than that.

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