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How To Outsource Developers in Colombia

by Yash Ranjan

Latin America quickly became one of the most exciting offshore outsourcing destinations in the last ten years. More and more companies open their new offices there and hire local tech talent remotely from all around the world. Colombia is among the region’s leaders regarding IT infrastructure, the number of professional software developers, and business-friendly laws. No surprise that a great number of new applications were created with input from the country’s specialists. In this post, we will talk about how to outsource your app’s development to Colombia. 

Why choose Colombia

Colombia is still sometimes perceived as a mostly agrarian country with a developing economy. Of course, the production of coffee is still a dominant industry there, but IT infrastructure quickly becomes one of the main sources of income for the national budget. There are a lot of reasons to choose Colombia as your outsourcing destination, but also some risks to consider. 


Cost-effectiveness. Salaries for software developers in Colombia are budget-friendly compared to same-level professionals from the US, Canada, and Western Europe. Even in Latin America, there are countries with higher wages, like Brazil or Mexico. It is possible due to currency exchange courses and the relatively low cost of living.

Education. Colombia, like most LATAM countries, has very strong professional education with several prestigious universities having programs for software engineers and dozens of private academies and short-term courses available throughout the country. All of this provides stable growth in terms of qualified IT specialists. 

Governmental support. Colombia has less tricky tax laws than most of the countries in the region and every year makes the list of the most business-friendly countries in the world. 

English proficiency. Just a couple of years ago Colombia had one of the lowest rates of people with good English knowledge, but because of educational reforms it quickly changed for the better. The country’s own goal is to become fully bilingual in 2025 already. 


Political instability. There is always some kind of political tension in South America, so working with local developers can be risky due to possible unexpected risks.

Complex laws. Even though Colombia doesn’t have indirect or double taxation like some other LATAM countries, labor laws still sometimes can get in a way of successful working relationships with local professionals. 

Location. For US companies Colombia is a perfect fit in terms of geographical proximity and similar time zones, but working with local tech talent from Europe can be a headache due to the same reasons. 

Where to find developers

If you decided to outsource your app’s development to Colombia, you are presented with several hiring options:

Freelance. As we mentioned earlier, Colombia has a new batch of young IT professionals every year and most of them go to special sites for freelancers to gain some experience and try to find permanent employment. Due to the high level of English in the country, Columbia developers outsourcing through freelance marketplaces won’t be a painful task, but still, remember that there are always some risks that come with this hiring option. Of course, the cost is low, but you still can easily end up with an inexperienced coder, who lied about their qualifications, or just a person with a weak work ethic who will disappear halfway through the project. A low level of control over the development process and a high number of risks turn a lot of people away from this option. 

Job boards and social media. You can find Colombian developers on popular international sites like Linkedin, but there are also several local job boards, for example, La red or Computrabajo. You can also check local social media communities and sites like Reddit or GitHub for some talented coders. There are numerous IT conferences, both offline and online, held in Colombia every year, where you can link with some experienced professionals. This option usually provides you with a more experienced workforce, but you still will need to interview candidates yourself and serve as a project manager in the development process (or hire one specifically for this task). 

Local software development companies. There are a great number of IT companies in Colombia and you can try and contact one for hiring their single employee or dedicated development team for creating your app. Of course, you will need to do some online research about the company to ensure you are not scammed, and finding the right specialist for your project needs this way can be difficult. On the other hand, you don’t need to worry about the overall qualifications of potential candidates. 

Outsourcing agency. This is one of the most popular hiring options for a number of reasons. Of course, you will have to pay extra for agency services but it is still budget-friendly compared to hiring in-house developers. The outsourcing company will find an IT specialist based on your vision of a future app and budget. You won’t have to go through the interviewing process, which can be brutal, especially if you don’t have a tech background and practical knowledge. Also, agencies can provide you with legal counsel, which is useful due to complex labor laws and other possible complications, as we mentioned earlier. Control over the development process will be their responsibility too, you will be just presented with the final product. Don’t forget to check the company’s references and social media presence, have a clear vision of the application’s desired features, and state deadlines clearly, that’s about all you need to do when outsourcing to Colombia through an agency. 

Final thoughts

Colombia is one of the most exciting outsourcing destinations in the world right now. If you choose it for your next project’s development, you will be presented with an impressive talent pool with great English proficiency and tech knowledge. Find a software developer using one of the hiring options mentioned in this post and start a fruitful working relationship with an IT specialist from an always-growing and evolving region. Just be clear about your requirements, always communicate with developers and you will get some great results in the end. 

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