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Some films that will help you understand physics

by Vinay Kumar
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Cinema works wonders not only in its graphics but also in how it can influence people. Comedy is created to help us escape from the dullness of everyday life. Melodramas will allow us to live several romantic moments that we so lack in life. The list can go on for a very long time. The main thing to understand is that in films you can find entertainment and benefit. If you have such a goal, there is always a way to emphasize something scientific for yourself. Physics is a subject that can be coolly revealed in films, and graphic effects will ideally help the creators in this. Read the list of movies, after watching which the world of protons and neutrons will become more understandable for you.

Which ones are worth seeing about physics?

If you study physics only on paper, it will be complicated to understand because it surrounds us everywhere. Matthew McConaughey played in the film, revealing the secrets and theories about the principles of gravity and what secrets are hidden in it. Did you guess what movie this is? If you need to complete your task, you can not only use the physics lab report service but also take the time to watch a movie from our list.

The Martian 

This film, based on Andy Weir’s debut novel, does a great job of revealing the principles of physics and its impact on humans. In this film, an American astronaut from the near future is at the center of events on an expedition to Mars. During all the plot events, the hero has to face various difficulties. What is essential in this film is that it consists almost entirely of graphics, and this helps the viewer to feel the laws of physics well and see them in objective reality.

Sandra Bullock stars as an astronaut whose spacecraft has been badly damaged by meteorites. This event left her in a race drifting through space, during which she tries to get to safety and consequently find her way home. While the accuracy of some of the action sequences is a bit of a stretch, the way they control her movement and planning is incredible. The actions she must take to get from one place to another are perfectly demonstrated from a scientific point of view. The film is visually stunning and will be an exciting immersion into the world of physics for you.

Apollo 13 

In this cinematic picture, a real scary journey of survival begins. It’s all about the fact that three astronauts are trying to survive in space while scientists are working on the safe arrival of a damaged spacecraft to Earth.

The Apollo 13 movie has a brilliant cast and is directed by Ron Howard. It can be described as romantic and touching while maintaining scientific integrity in exploring this critical moment in human history, science, and space travel.

Theory of everything 

The film tells the incredible story of the life and first marriage of cosmologist Stephen Hawking, which is based entirely on the memoirs of his first wife. Although the film does not directly focus on physics, it depicts the difficulties that Dr. Hawking faced while developing his groundbreaking theories. The film also explains in general terms what its theories entail, one of which was Hawking radiation.

2001: Space Odyssey 

“2001” was considered by specialists to be a classic film about space. According to many, it opened the era of special space effects in cinema. Even though the film was released long ago, it has proven itself well among new viewers. If you can focus and keep up with the pace of this movie, which is far enough away from the hustle and bustle of modern sci-fi movies, it will be a great space exploration movie for you.

Returning to the question you asked about exactly which movie Matthew McConaughey played in, and we want to note that the correct answer is Interstellar. This film is considered sci-fi and will help you use your imagination in the direction of studying gravity. Perhaps in your laboratory work, you will need something from this picture.

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