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Five simple Mythic dungeons

by Vinay Kumar
Mythic dungeons

There are certain mythic+ locations where you can quickly pump people, and also not experience any difficulties with passing the dungeon. In this article, we’ll take a look at five of the easiest wow mythic raid boost dungeons, where you can not only level up quickly, but also make good money on boosting other players.

Wow mythic boost is popular not only for its challenging difficulty, but also for the opportunity to acquire good lootthat will help you on your further wanderings. Despite all the love for complexity, many people prefer fast leveling, so they try to look for simple dungeons with a mythic plus, and also use the services of boosters.

Mists of Tirna Scithe

Our top starts with Mists of Tirna Scithe. MoTS quickly gained popularity among Wow mythic plus thanks to its relatively simple mob, as well as the tyrannical difficulty of the bosses. There is even a saying among boosters that if you get to the first boss, you can easily go through the whole dungeon.

Halls of Atonnement

Next on our list are Halls of Atonnement. Despite the very heavy load of the location with mobs, its small size allows you to calmly control opponents.perfect Frost mage is party, because with proper control, he can quickly destroy a large number of opponents, thereby ensuring himself and people a quick leveling.also 

Frost suitable as mythic dungeon carry, as it is mobile and allows you to carry out various maneuvers with bosses. With the right approach, this dungeon is passed quickly, you only need to carefully develop a strategy, as well as hone your route and movements to automatism. Otherwise, you will lose valuable time fighting enemies that have separated from the crowd, and you also risk dying quickly, spoiling the entire raid.

De other Side

Next is a location called “De other side”. Initially, it was one of the most difficult dungeons, assembling on Mythic carry had to be collected taking into account a large number of factors. However, later the developers added two additional minutes, which allowed the timing and finishing of the keys.

Spiers of Ascension

Rounding out our row are Spiers of Ascension. Despite the harsh name, this dungeon perfect for Mythic boost, as here you can easily raise the level on large packs of mobs. However, you should not relax, because the opponents themselves are not as easy as they seem at first glance, so one single mistake can calmly cut off the entire raid for you. For wow mythic plus this dungeon is quite easy, but it requires concentration and attention. It is also worth considering that some opponents explode after death, thereby not only damaging your group, but also healing other mobs, thereby complicating your life.

Thus, we examined the 5 easiest mythical dungeons. The most common as a boost for all of them is the frost mage, since he alone can collect crowds of opponents and destroy them with massive spells. It is also worth noting that players will also receive good loot, which can either be sold well, or allowed to be collected by your clients, on the condition that they tell their friends about your services. This approach will attract a large number of visitors, which in turn will be a good impetus to increase prices for your services.

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