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The English Game Season 2 Cancelled by Netflix? Latest updates about the show!

by Manika Baiswar
The English Game Season 2

Netflix has cancelled The English Game, a British drama series that had only aired one season. The show was hailed as one of the best new TV shows; to watch in 2018, and it starred well-known actors such as Michael Sheen and Emma Thompson. In this article, we will discuss what might have led Netflix; to cancel The English Game Season 2 and why people are so upset about the decision.

The English Game Season 1:

The English Game Season One got good reviews. And turned out to be a huge success, but Netflix did not renew the show for another season. It is speculated that this could have been because of their recent decision to cancel other shows; such as Friends from College or Chelsea. Some people believe that there are rumours about low viewership numbers which might also be true.

The main protagonist in The English Game Season Two is Callum; played by Michael Sheen (who starred in 2018’s Mission Impossible: Fallout). He plays an MI-17 helicopter pilot who becomes embroiled in conspiracy theories underpinning Egypt’s revolution and subsequent counter-revolutionary coup after he meets his old school friends during a stay at home on leave for medical treatment following a mission in Libya. The two seasons of the show were released on Netflix in November 2018 and December 2019 respectively, but this might not stay that way for long.

The English Game Season Two Cancelled by Netflix?

The first season of The English Game was a huge success with viewers, scoring an average user rating of 80% on Rotten Tomatoes. This is despite critics saying it had many flaws such as low-quality acting and inconsistent pacing which could have resulted from a lack of dialogue to convey what needs to be said without words because much like many other TV shows nowadays it is filmed mainly using body language or facial expressions instead while filming – something actors are very familiar with these days thanks to overuse more or less, but this is not a bad thing. The first season was very successful with viewers and critics alike so it’s surprising to hear that the second might be cancelled by Netflix in March 2020.

The English Game Season 2 cast
The English Game Season 2 cast

Latest updates about The English Game Season Two Cancelled by Netflix?

This story originally surfaced on TV Line who broke the news of The English Game: London Calling being cancelled after just four episodes back in December 2019 before taking their article down again for unknown reasons – we can only assume they realised how wrong they were! But other sources are confirming what an error of judgement this would have been had it gone ahead because there is still plenty more to explore and do which has yet to happen on screen since these events take place across a long time period.

The English Game Season Two was very much anticipated by fans of the first and many were disappointed when it got cancelled.

Official Statements:

There has been no official confirmation to this point; in time that Netflix is actually cancelling or not. But if they do cancel then there are other networks out there; who could pick up season two. As a result of what we can see with some research into how well The English Game did on BBC One because even though it didn’t get as high ratings as had hoped for initially, still managed to retain its viewers after being picked up by NBC Universal.

The second season’s production company – called Kudos Productions; (which also produced British sci-fi series Utopia) tweeted about their disappointment over the show

The English Game Season 2:

The English Game Season Two has yet to have a release date. And there’s currently no monthly air date for it. This means that if Netflix does decide to cancel the show; then The French Game should be available for viewing on another network as soon as they see fit.


It follows six people from their first day of work at an advertising firm in Paris. There are three men and three women; with all different backgrounds; who connect over coffee breaks, lunches, romantic entanglements; with each other or across office desks – and late-night chats about the state of France.

Their lives may not always go smoothly. But they feel alive working together; in this close-knit group where every person is valued equally.

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