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Lost in Space (Season 3) Netflix Review, Cast, Released Dates, and Ratings

by Darshan Modi
Lost in Space Season 3

Season 3 of Lost in Space is finally here! The first episode aired on April 13, 2019. Netflix has not released the full season yet but it will be available for streaming starting May 31, 2019. If you’re looking to catch up with this show before then, check out our review and ratings below.

About the Lost in space!

Lost In Space is the sci-fi TV show reboot of an old 1960s science fiction series. The first episode aired on April 13th, 2019. Season one was released back in 2018 so this new update to the story will be a welcomed sight for fans who enjoyed it last year. The original series ran from 1965 to 1968 and had 83 episodes over its run time, making it difficult for newer viewers not exposed to the original version of Lost In Space to enjoy what they see currently airing with no knowledge about what’s going to come next or why certain events are unfolding as they do (which many people find frustrating).


The new Lost In Space follows the Robinson family as they journey to a planet called Alpha Prime. The show is set in an unknown future and revolves around their mission of survival in this strange world. They’re not alone though, they are accompanied by many other humans that have been transplanted there for one purpose or another (many of them against their will). It’s unclear how long it has been since everyone was transported but given what we see from the few glimpses into human society before being sent off to Alpha Prime, people live with access to technology such as holographic screens and smart devices so something had happened before then that completely changed everything about life on Earth.

Lost In Space features excellent CGI effects which make all of its action sequences, including the fights, believable and intense.

Lost in Space Season 3
Lost in Space Season 3

About the show:

The show is based on a popular 1960s TV series of the same name which ran for three seasons between 1965-1968. It was about an American family who finds themselves stranded in space after their ship is sabotaged by a foreign agent (we don’t know much more than that). The remake has some basic similarities but it also takes its own unique twist on things such as what happened to Earth before everyone got there and how they’re able to survive once they do get there.


Finally, Season Two is coming out on April 13th so be sure to check it out when it comes available next month! Episode one will have everyone hooked from the first scene with a time skip and then picking up right where they left off at episode 16. We can’t wait for all these new episodes which are going to make this show even more interesting than what was already there before. There’s no need to worry about being lost now because there’s always more to explore in this world. It’ll be a great time for the whole family!


The first season of Lost In Space is available on Netflix and will stream until January 16th, 2019 which gives you plenty of time to catch up with all three seasons before then. The second season premieres on April 13th, so tune in now because it won’t take long before we’re back at square one again waiting for the next season to come out. Who knows when that might happen, but if we’re lucky it could be as early as 2020? We can dream right?!


Lost in Space has received mixed reviews from critics since its release with some saying it deserves five stars while others say it deserves two. It currently has a rating of three and a half on Netflix with over 200 reviews, so I can’t make up my mind what to think about the show…


We highly recommend Lost In Space season one because of how well-done all aspects are from storytelling to cinematography. One thing we didn’t mention earlier was the way this show tackles the idea of family in a futuristic setting. It’s not a cliche and it feels natural.

We recommend Lost In Space for anyone who is looking for something new to watch on Netflix because this show will have you hooked from episode one!

If you find yourself wanting more sci-fi shows like Lost In Space then check out these other great ones too: Dark Matter, Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Westworld, and Altered Carbon.

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