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Avatar 2: Reviews, Cast and Plot Details! Can we expect Avatar 3?

by Manika Baiswar
Avatar 2

Avatar 2 is finally hitting theatres in December and the plot details are out! The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, but there’s still a lot of excitement about Avatar 3. Take a look at this article to find out everything you need to know about Avatar 2: Reviews, Cast and Plot Details! Can we expect Avatar 3?

About the movie:

Avatar was a groundbreaking film, and many are excited to see how the sequel will live up to it.

Some reviews say that Avatar is not as good as we remember because of all the hype, but others insist that it’s been worth the wait so far. It seems like there are mixed reactions to this movie!

The cast looks great on paper:

Sam Worthington returns in his role after James Cameron has said he wanted him for both movies; Zoe Saldana plays Neytiri again (wow), Sigourney Weaver comes back; Stephen Lang also appears once more at Colonel Quaritch; Michelle Rodriguez who played Trudy Chacon and Giovanni Ribisi who played Parker Selfridge in Avatar make appearances too

Sam Worthington is back as Jake Sully.

Sigourney Weaver will be playing Grace Augustine once again, and Stephen Lang is the new villain!

Zoe Saldana plays Neytiri, being reunited with her on-screen love interest Avatar.

Several other cast members are returning for this epic movie like Giovanni Ribisi (Dr Max) and Joel David Moore (Norm Spellman)!

Avatar 2 CAST
Avatar 2 CAST

Plot details:

The beginning of Avatar takes place in 2033, ten years after a military experiment that went wrong killed most living creatures in Pandora’s rainforest. We also see some glimpses into what happened to Dr Grace Augustine when she was captured by humans who raided Pandora’s sacred

The story takes place ten years after Avatar. Jake Sully is living peacefully on the planet Pandora with Neytiri and their now teenage daughter, Naja.

When his long lost love Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver) arrives to recruit him for a new mission, he can’t turn her down because of his deep feelings for her…even though this means leaving behind everything dear to him to go off on an impossible mission! And once again Pandoran life throws up challenges and emotional turmoil when they encounter another human who seems hellbent on destroying them all!


The next sentence should be: “When I first watched Avatar also got choked up.” And then it goes onto talk about how much it costs to see Avatar.

I was able to watch the movie for free when my friend from Australia sent me a link and told me that he had already paid for the ticket so all I needed was popcorn, which made watching this epic movie even more awesome! Watching the movie with other people who are excited like you makes everything feel amazing – it is one of those movies where your emotions fluctuate at every turn in plot development. Many people will have their hearts touched by what they saw on-screen (including mine). It’s not an easy feat bringing such a large-scale story to life, but Cameron pulled it off and made Avatar an unforgettable experience.


The next sentence should be; “Avatar is set centuries after the previous films’ events”. And then it goes on to talk about how this film has a lot more focus on family dynamics. The movie will explore what happens when Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) gets his human body back – he won’t have any memories from before he was in Avatar form, so things will potentially get really interesting! Plus we’ll see Neytiri’s pregnancy too which I’m sure everyone wants to know about because she looks amazing pregnant! This movie also dives into new territory; with its attention given towards technology. Exploring Avatar is an epic movie, with a hefty price tag to go along with it.

The big question many have always wanted the answer for: Is Avatar worth all of that money? Well, I’ll admit when my friend told me; he had paid for his ticket and offered to pay mine as well; if I just went out and bought popcorn, it was definitely tempting – but in the end, no; not really. In fact, Avatar felt like one of those movies; where you know what’s going to happen; before it happens because every single thing has been meticulously planned by Cameron himself.

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