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Reports Revealed That Venture bros: The Show Has Been Canceled

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Ken Plume, the author of Go Team Venture !: The Venture Bros.’s Art and Making, recently responded to a viral tweet asking him to name his favourite online show that he unnecessarily cancelled with Venture Brothers It’s over, and now fans are They ask if that means the series is now cancelled after production season eight. Especially since Ken Plum was directly involved with the series producers Jackson Public and Doctor Hammer during the making of the artbook.

And in this way, he further increased the mystery with the fans. An official announcement of the series has yet to be made, as it was announced that the eighth season would run again in 2018, and there has been no official confirmation of the cancellation. Fans have adjusted to the long wait between each new season of the series, so naturally, the idea of ​​a ninth season didn’t really come up, as many were still waiting for the eighth. Essentially, there has been radio silence on that matter, and it also means that there is no news on the cancellation of the series.

Venture Bros. Art Book Author Says Show is Cancelled

Image Source: Comic Book

It also answers the question of exactly when season 8 of the series takes place. There has been no update and the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic has certainly slowed things down even more. If the series is actually cancelled after season eight, will it end on its own terms? Either way, it will take a while before we are officially confirmed or unconfirmed. But what do you think? Would you like to see Venture Brothers after season 8? Does this report surprise you or would you expect such an announcement? If this series really ends, how would you like it to end?

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