Billy Butcher, a former CIA agent starring actors Carl Urban in “Star Trek” and “Doom,” leads a group of guards aimed at uncovering the world’s greatest mystery – adored superpowered heroes are morally corrupt scams. International Corporation.

Antony plays the star homeland, the ruthless and arrogant leader of the main group of Seven superheroes. The season of “The Boys” shows how the superhero group can be removed, causing the death of innocent innocents, without any remorse, disturbing the audience and attacking their members. Can’t.

In the second season, a new hero named Stormfront is seen as challenging Homelander to lead Sevenland and defending an army of one million superpower soldiers.

The first season of “The Boys” was critically acclaimed and is currently “84% refreshed” on the Rotten Tomatoes review website. The initial reviews for the second season have been positive, as has the “96% refreshed” rating for the second season of Rotten Tomatoes.

How to watch “The Boys” Season 2
The second season of “The Boys” will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on September 4th. The second season has a total of eight episodes, and the season finale is scheduled for October 9th.

The Boys' Season 2: TV Review | Hollywood Reporter

Image Source: Hollywood Reporter

In addition to the second season of “The Boys,” there are also eight episodes of the first season of the show in the Amazon Video.

You can watch Android and iOS mobile devices, Amazon Fire TV and Fire tablet devices, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, most Smart TV brands, and Amazon Prime videos on your home computer. Prime Video will help you download original sessions like “The Boys” to watch offline.

More successful shows on Amazon Prime Video
With “The Boys,” you can find a wide range of original series and movies on Amazon Prime Video, including award-winning shows like “Fleabag,” “Transparent,” and “The Massive Mrs Massel.”

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