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Shelly: Everything Known About The New Amazon Project


Amazon Studios directs Shelly, the action-comedy package, starring Kuman Gillan and Jude Weng, who is involved with Jumanji: Akwavafina and Retime in The Next Level.

The deadline was written about the package when it was purchased in late June. The story takes place a decade after an embarrassing graduation prank that takes Wheeley Wheeler (Akwafafina) out of town and causes her heart to harden so hard she becomes an icy hitman. Revenge is threatened that when she finds out about her next target, she is going to live at her old high school, Diana Park (Gillan). But when Diana unexpectedly befriends Shelley, the killer encounters a silent crowd, protecting his former nemesis against another group of hitmen hired to kill them both. This shade meets Mean Girls Barry. Now they will take care of the actresses.

Amazon Studios buys Shelly Awkwafina Karen Gillan Jude Weng Comedy –  Deadline

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Bryce (6 Underground) is in production, with Will McCain serving as executive producer and Katie Malot serving as co-producer. UTA packed the project. Awkwafina is taken over by UTA and the cast, Gilan by UTA and Troika, completed by UTA, Storm by Harvey and attorney Amy Nikon, and Wayne by CA. A Weng realizes that his next murder is none other than his. The former high school bully is Diana Park. (Gilan), he’s more than happy. But things take an unexpected turn when Diana befriends Shelley and introduces her to a cold crowd. Shelly realizes that she and Diana are the target of another assassin team. The script is written by Michael Donagar and Liz Storm. PTI RB SHD SHD.

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