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Bella Throne Issues Apology Over Revealing Only Fans Community


Most recently, Bella Thorne signed up for the OnlyFans social media platform, which is only available to paying subscribers. For US $ 20, users can get revealing pictures and videos of celebrities, porn actors or influencers that cannot otherwise be found on Instagram or Twitter. The 22-year-old has collected $ 2 million in a very short time.

Bella Thorne loves to play with her charms
Thorne has already proven several times on her Instagram account that she has no problem showing bare skin. The actress regularly posts pictures in a tight bikini or presents her bust in generous cutouts.

Sex workers have complained
However, she has now been attacked by the online sex worker community and webcam models who rely on the site as their primary source of income after Bella’s success allegedly led the company to impose restrictions on payment.

Bella Thorne issues apology to sex workers after OnlyFans initiated new  payment changes | Daily Mail Online

Image Source: Daily Mail

Bella wanted to promote the site
You only wanted to attract attention and more followers on the site with your campaign. and in trying to do this, I hurt you guys. work, porn and the natural hatred that people spit out

She wanted to do that with the money
“I hurt you guys in this process and I am really sorry,” she continued to apologize in the tweet. According to the “Los Angeles Times,” Bella Thorne also wanted to invest her earnings in her production company and donate another part. (Bang / KT)

He continued, “I’m a big fan and the voice when you have a platform, you try to use it to help others and advocate for something bigger than you. Again I hurt you in this process and that’s why I really feel it.” he has left meeting with the company to find out the rationale for the latest changes.

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