Recently a report appeared that a lady attacked his mom with a TV when she wouldn’t give her money. How cruel the lady is as she attacked her mom. Humanity Has gone at this point.

Cruel Woman Attacked Her 74-Year-Old Mother With A TV

Julie Carol Pierce, 51, purportedly jumped at the older lady with the TV during the battle, leaving her victims with blood running down her left leg. The fatal attack brutally injured the old lady.

The couple had been paddling after the retired person would not bankroll her little girl at around 11 am Monday, to which Pierce turned out to be “furious” and began destroying the spot and breaking her mother’s stuff, as indicated by police.

The Old Woman Then Call The Officials To Report About The Incident

The casualty called the law authorization officials after the TV was heaved at her. Officials started an investigation and immediately arrested Penetrate at her Hot Springs, Arkansas, home Monday morning.  The old injured woman was taken to hospital by the officials.

Charges And Punishment

The cruel woman will now face ten years in jail after to being accused of second-degree household battery because of her casualties age. The woman is presently held without any chance of bond.

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